Dec 16, 2010

Tips for Removing Blackheads stubborn

Smooth face free of distractions would dream of every woman. but, imagine if your smooth face was always disturbed by the stubborn blackheads. 

Besides damaging the appearance, blackheads can stimulate the growth of acne! Oh no! Well, blackheads appear because of our skin pores clogged by oil (sebum), bacteria also horn cell layer on the skin surface. Worse, when the hands of ignorant we often extract blackheads can leave scars that are hard to break! But, do not worry, there are tricks to avoid the problem this one.

1. Use of cosmetics or beauty products oil free, non comedoenic, and waterbase. So that our skin is not easily clogged by oil or sebum.

2. Diligent cleaning the fair every other day. Oops! Do not wash face excessively so, because the oil content will make the face as a natural moisturizer missing.

3. Stop Pimping your nose!. Do not ever squeeze your nose to get rid of blackheads!This way it will make the skin red and inflamed. The pores would be greater.

4. You face mask with egg white mixture and warmed honey. Stick with cotton on the T to dry your face. Lift slowly and wash your face with warm water. Blackheads you will be stuck on the surface of cotton without you knowing!!.

5. Scrubing your nose!. Previously done by steam steaming the face in a basin of warm water and cover head with towel width. This will make the pores open and facilitate the process of scrubbing. Then gently rub the nose with a facial scrub.Finally, rinse your face with clean water and close the pores again by using the toner.Do this treatment three times a week maximum.

6. Facials and peels your face regularly every two weeks. Thus, the dirt that clogged in the pores will be lifted to the max. And the buildup of dead skin will be lifted.

7. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if the acne remains stubborn. Thus you will get a better handle for your blackhead problem.

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