Dec 17, 2010

Perfume Allergy

Spray perfume classified rarely cause allergies. However, there are times when the perfume can cause reactions in the skin. This could occur due to individual components that cause allergies.

As quoted from page dailymail, perfume allergy problems are very hard to pin down, given the perfume is a mixture of different chemicals and sometimes alsoinclude natural materials. The effect can be very different.

However, if a severe allergic reaction like some people have difficulty breathing,nausea or a rash or cause it towatch out . Roja Dove, renowned perfume expert andfounder of Haute Parfumerie, giving advice.

"If you have an allergy or intolerance to fragrances, you should not apply directly toskin. Spray in a layer or a jacket or clothing. And, make sure you spray from a distance."

And, according to Dove, not all perfumes cause similar reactions in the skin. If you are allergic to one brand of perfume, not necessarily you are allergic to other types ofperfume.

So, before giving perfume, try to wipe a little on your neck, then wait for reaction. If the skin feels hot or itchy, chances are you are allergic to perfume. If it were so, perhapsyou need to hunt for other brands of perfume.

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