Dec 17, 2010

Perfume Allergy

Spray perfume classified rarely cause allergies. However, there are times when the perfume can cause reactions in the skin. This could occur due to individual components that cause allergies.

As quoted from page dailymail, perfume allergy problems are very hard to pin down, given the perfume is a mixture of different chemicals and sometimes alsoinclude natural materials. The effect can be very different.

However, if a severe allergic reaction like some people have difficulty breathing,nausea or a rash or cause it towatch out . Roja Dove, renowned perfume expert andfounder of Haute Parfumerie, giving advice.

"If you have an allergy or intolerance to fragrances, you should not apply directly toskin. Spray in a layer or a jacket or clothing. And, make sure you spray from a distance."

And, according to Dove, not all perfumes cause similar reactions in the skin. If you are allergic to one brand of perfume, not necessarily you are allergic to other types ofperfume.

So, before giving perfume, try to wipe a little on your neck, then wait for reaction. If the skin feels hot or itchy, chances are you are allergic to perfume. If it were so, perhapsyou need to hunt for other brands of perfume.

Three Step Eliminate Belly Fat

You definitely do not want to have a distended abdomen. Besides not beautiful views,belly hazardous to health.

For that, immediately remove dangerous fat on your stomach with three easy steps.

1. Balanced nutrition
Eat foods with balanced nutrition. Having a healthy diet is the first step to eliminate the fat on your stomach. Practice portion control foods. Make sure your diet contains a balanced and healthy nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins and good fats.Consumption of whole grains also regularly because it can help eliminate belly fat.

2. Cardio exercise
If you want to look slim tummy, do cardio exercise every day on a regular basis. This is a mandatory exercise to lose belly fat. Do cardio exercise gradually until it reachesa high intensity like spinning, interval training, and ran.

3. Exercise to form part of the body
Limit yourself to exercise build muscle belly, because it is not effective to eliminatebelly fat. Focus exercises for upper body form a whole and back, because it will makethe body more visible grooves. This can make you look more svelte and sexy. And,not only lose abdominal fat, the muscles around the stomach was established.