Dec 16, 2010

Sex Make Healthy and Beautiful Women

From the smoothness of his skin, a person can be known quite sexually active or not.Really?

Various studies on health benefits and having sex was never done. Believe it or not, here are some findings generated:

Sex is a beauty treatment
Tests conducted by scientists have found, when women make love, their bodies produce the hormone estrogen which makes hair shine and skin more and more refined.

Sex makes the skin shiny
Sex with a relaxed and comfortable to reduce the likelihood of dermatitis, scarring, and spots on the skin. The sweat produced while making love to clean the pores, thus making the skin shiny.

Sex burns calories
Making love will burn calories accumulated during the previous meal.

Sex is a sport
Sex is a sport that safely performed, movements during intercourse stretch and shape every muscle in the body.

Sexual healing depression
Sex is a powerful remedy for mild depression. Endorphins are released and flow into the bloodstream during sexual activity took place feeling happy and prosperous.

More Sexy
The more frequent sex will further enhance sex appeal. Body who are sexually active pertained will emit substances called pheromones. This is a soft perfume triggers sex drive that makes the opposite sex tasteful.

Sex and the peace of mind
Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. He said, hell, 10 times more effective than valium.

Kissing each day healthy teeth
Kissing stimulates saliva washes the teeth and lowers the acidity of the causes of tooth decay, thus preventing the accumulation of plaque.

Sex cure headaches
Lovemaking session will loosen the tension that inhibits blood flow in the brain.

Sex relieves nasal
Having sex can loosen nasal congestion. Sex is a natural antihistamine that can relieve asthma and flu.

Sex prevent prostate cancer in men
Sex is also useful for men who are at risk of prostate cancer. According to research in the U.S. National Cancer Institute, as quoted in the Alternative Medicine, the more frequently men ejaculate, the lower the susceptibility to prostate cancer.

Researchers studied 29,000 men aged 46 to 81 years. Than those who ejaculated on average seven times or less a month, the average male ejaculation is 21 times more likely to 33 percent less likely to get the disorder. However, not explained whether the ejaculation was acquired through sexual intercourse or masturbation.

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